Webinars & Seminars

Learn the methods of crowdfunding as well as fundamentals necessary for success.

ProjectCrowd is proud to present our educational webinar series on Crowdfunding. You’ll learn first hand the 4 major methods of crowdfunding and the benefits of each one. The 4 areas are:

The 4 Primary Methods of Crowdfunding

  • Donations
  • Rewards
  • Lending
  • Equity

Now you can harness the power of the internet to raise the capital you need. We will share with you the ways in which you can raise capital online. We will also update you on the current crowdfund marketplace as well as the future of crowdfunding. You’ll also learn what we call

The 4 Fund-a-mentals to Crowdfunding Success

  1. Proper Transaction Structure
  2. Funding Requirement Documents
  3. Targeted Marketing Resources and Strategies
  4. Corporate Communications Strategy

You’ll be equipped with the necessary tools needed to be successful at raising capital, not just now, but in the future. This is the new normal for anyone seeking to raise capital for any crowdfund project.