Virtual Incubator

 As the global economy transitions from labor based to knowledge-based, the need for dedicated office space and physical presence is diminishing and being replaced by virtual presence. A new generation of entrepreneurs has emerged, raised in the Internet age, that operate at the intersection of physical and virtual worlds giving rise to virtual incubators 


ProjectCrowd is a pioneering a crowdfund incubator created to support and encourage wider collaboration between the entrepreneurs and their community, by connecting via crowdsourcing technology. A key component is to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with greater access to expertise, mentorship, customer introductions, funding and skills, regardless of their physical location.  

Technology is making the world a smaller place, which allows innovators from across the world to gather virtually as an online community. By removing geographical restrictions, access to innovation has now become easier – regardless of location.

How Does It Work?

 There are Five (5) key characteristics of a solid  business incubator 

  1. Process Orientation, offering a systematic approach to incubation,
  2. Bundled packaging of services that are aligned with the process
  3. Support to early-stage entrepreneurs,
  4. Unique combination of process, services, and infrastructure, and
  5. Development of raw ideas into viable businesses.

Front-End Project Submission Form

Registered users can easily create and edit projects from the front-end of your website via ProjectLink’s custom dashboard menu. Upon submission, both creator and admin will receive an email notification, giving admins the opportunity to review prior to publication, and enabling communication throughout the remainder of the campaign.

    Build Trust with Backers

    Building trust between backers and creators is not just important, but essential to the success of any crowdfunding platform.

    Creator profiles are prominently displayed on each project display prominently on each project page so that backers can learn more about each project creator, which increases trust and project marketability.


    Improve Conversions with Social Proof

    Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to convert visitors into backers and plays a critical role in the success of new campaigns. Use the built-in backer profiles to highlight project backers while giving backers a chance to show off their profile and contributions.