We have already discussed in the post a Bloggers Role in Crowdfunding that bloggers play a vital role in the success of a crowdfunding campaign. Bloggers have already built trust-based crowd of followers that they have some level of influence over. So you as the campaign creator don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get these potential backers to notice and take an interest in your campaign. Your goal is to build a strong relationship with the blogger. We are going to go through the steps that are required to build this relationship with the blogger in this post. 

Why are Bloggers Vital to Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Bloggers should play a major role in your crowdfunding marketing campaign because 81-percent of online consumers in the United States consider blogs as trusted sources of information. Companies that blog potentially can get twice as much email marketing traffic and those who write more than 50 blogs can potentially increase blog traffic by as much as 30-percent. According to Hubspot Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI and By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. This means that your consumers are more likely to do their own research about your company before your first point of contact with them. Think of all the work that the blogger has already for your campaign by maintaining their blog.

Getting Started with The Crowdfunding Blogger Strategy

Your blogger outreach strategy for your crowdfunding campaign like any other strategy must begin with the process of goal setting. If you don’t know where you are going, how can you chart the most efficient and effective route to get you to your destination? What is the crowdfunding campaign ultimately seeking from the blogger?  Getting a blog written and distributed by the blogger to their audience is a great place to begin the goal setting process. It is sometimes very difficult to determine the success of the blogger outreach, but the goal is to increase the traffic to your website and to the campaign page. How many posts will the blogger do over the 90 day pre-launch period? How much promotions will the blogger do for the post? What is the level of community engagement on the blog, so how much will the blog followers comment and share the post about your campaign? 

Target the Correct Audience 

The stated goals will  directly determine the audience the crowdfunding campaign needs to reach. They are the  people who would actually back the campaign or share the campaign with their networks. In blogger outreach campaigns, your goals will almost always be to motivate your audience  to take action on the campaign. For a crowdfunding campaign, you want bloggers who have promoted successful Kickstarters and other campaigns in the past, whether they cover technology, media or some other topic. After all, if you’re selling a gadget, it might appeal to the audiences that follow tech bloggers, but you may also be able to pitch it to productivity bloggers as a time-saver, finance bloggers as a money-saver. It is all about the messaging that will motivate the audience to take action on the campaign.

Finding the Hook Like a Songwriter 

Just like the song that you only heard once but you can’t get that silly line out of your head and you continue to repeat it even when you don’t want to that’s the hook! As a campaign creator your message has to have a hook that the reader or video viewer just can’t get out of their head. Your message continues to resonate with them even when they don’t want it to. This hook must be communicated to the various bloggers that you are reaching out to and it has to get them so they can transmit it to their followers. You need to dig deep into the brand to find the stories that someone else will find blog-worthy. Finding that unique storytelling angle is key.


Remember that bloggers are a vital part of any crowdfunding marketing and promotions strategy because of the role that bloggers play in the online world that is often driven by social media. As more information on brands is put out online and people look to blogs as an unbiased source of information that will play a large role in the decision to part with their hard earned money or even more importantly to get them to share this message with their networks. This all has to be part of the overarching strategy as your campaigns crafts it messaging with a hook in mind that will capture the imagination of the readers. Remember that you have created goals for what you expect this blogger outreach to accomplish! If you want more information on how to implement a successful blogger outreach strategy and grab your FREE copy of the Crowdfunding Essentials eBook visit ProjectCrowd.