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Making sure your crowdfund campaign is in tip top shape is top priority at ProjectCrowd. The proper learning and training tools are required for optimal performance.


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Building Successful Campaigns Since 2014

ProjectCrowd helps campaign creators with the Best-in-class suite of services and solutions design to significantly increase your crowdfund raise. 

Learning Center

A educational platform designed to provide a high level of understanding of crowdfund methodology.

Incubator/ Accelerator

A platform for early-stage and existing companies seeking to build their campaign and their followers.

Coaching And Consulting

The very best coaching and consulting group in the space. Here to champion your crowdfunding efforts.

The CrowdFit 3-Step Process! (COVID-19) Responsive

Given the recent events we’re sensitive to how we work with our clients during this current economic climate. We are drastically dropping our prices to assist in helping as many projects as possible raise much needed capital for their campaign. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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Individual Online Learning

Each student will be tested through digital self-paced quizzes while showing their mastery of the material.

 The Crowdfund Learning Center is self-paced virtual learning system. It’s driven by webinar-style video training, and also provides each participant with video, documents, presentations, and workbooks. As a result, students walk away with a much deeper understanding of crowdfund methodology. 

Demonstrating The Value of Marketing

Campaign Building

This online incubator/ accelerator is a portal developed to help build your campaign the right way.

You don’t have to be a designer or a developer to create a beautiful campaign landing page that drives donations. The new builder is dynamic, so you can customize headline text, drag-and-drop page elements, add custom impact levels, and preview every update you make in real-time.

Group Coaching

Live Q & A Calls via Face Book Live, and one on one coaching calls are available to students.

The virtual group coaching phase of the training is a great addition to the learning center. In addition to coaching, you’re able to connect with not only leading experts, but you’ll also have the ability to connect with other students around the globe. 

Raise 30% Within The 1st 48 Hrs. 

The CrowdFit Program is designed to make your crowdfund campaign a success from the onset. In order to do this, it’s important for crowdfunders to mobilize their followers early and often. When done properly it creates the kind of momentum necessary for funding success.


Raised In the 1st 48 hours


Chance of Being Fully Funded

Crowdfunding For Everyone

Join our innovative eco-system regardless of location and begin engaging in industry-wide forums and discussions relating to your project. Share information by collaborating with other members through networking platforms and events. 




A basic “Do it yourself”
membership for those seeking Donations

Crowdfund Learning Center




Perfect for those needing a     crowdfund Coach for Rewards 

Crowdfund Learning Center
Virtual Online Incubator
Bi-weekly Coaching Call




The plan for those needing a Crowdfund Coach for Rewards 

Crowdfund Learning Center
Virtual Incubator Profile
Bi-Weekly Coaching Call
Monthly Consulting Call

The Right Choice

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Top-notch Learning!

We will provide expert subject matter video training from industry-leading professionals in various areas of the crowdfunding industry. Lessons include:

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding

  • Crowd Building

  • Creating A Winning Rewards Campaign

  • How To Create A Winning Investment Offering

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Our 1 on 1, and Group Coaching & Consulting provides project creators with a customized solution. As a result, giving you the most cost-efficient way to dramatically improve your chances of crowdfunding success.

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