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We take the best from both of these skills into a perfect blend of support to help grow your project the right way!


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Providing Coaching & Consulting Since 2014

With ProjectCrowd, you can be assured that you’ll be trained by top Coaches and Consultants ready to champion your crowdfunding efforts.

Mastery Presentation

Present weekly via Webinar training sessions using Facebook Live presentations and PDF manuals and workbooks.

Q & A Calls

Using Facebook Live to answer questions from questions generated through our Mastery Presentation as well as the live Q & A sessions.

Mastermind Call

1-on-1 & group coaching calls focused on the mastery topic Each session will end with a call-to-action to be complete. 

The CrowdFit Coaching & Consulting Program: (COVID-19) Responsive

Given the recent events we’re sensitive to how we work with our clients during this current economic climate. We are drastically dropping our prices to assist in helping as many projects as possible raise much needed capital for their campaign. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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Having a Coach or Consultant improves you chances of success! 

Having the right type of support in the beginning is crucial to fundraising. As a result, our Coaching & Consulting services will help you create the best team, and the kind of momentum necessary for funding success.

The Right Choice

Sign up today to get the latest news and events around the globe on crowdfunding. We’ll also keep you up to date on our next CrowdFit group training.

Leaders In The Industry

Our Coaches/ Consultants are experts in the space and have worked in many areas of business development. Therefore, providing you with professionals that are highly skilled in many areas that can improve your capital raising efforts.  centered around raising capital. 

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Our 1 on 1, and Group Coaching & Consulting provides project creators with a customized solution. As a result, giving you the most cost-efficient way to dramatically improve your chances of crowdfunding success.

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