Linda P. Smith is a serial entrepreneur that founded her first company at the age ofn28, with the help of family and friends. In 2010, she established Buy Black Economics to pay it forward by providing education and funding for businesses. With Buy the Block, she has created the first Black-owned real estate crowdfunding platform enabling the Black community to pool their immense $1.3 trillion in purchasing power to make real estate and small business  investments. Buy the Block and the rewards crowdfunding BBNOMICS is the infrastructure for building Black businesses and wealth through inclusive investing.  

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding 

Traditional real estate investments require a significant financial commitment. Buy the Block has reduced this barrier to entry to as low as $100, which opens direct real estate investment to the vast majority of people in the Black Community. Real estate Crowdfunding became a reality when then President Obama signed the bipartisan JOBS Act of 2012, and May 16th, 2016 Title III of the JOBS Act became legal and opened up direct real estate investment to all Americans. This opened the floodgates to hundreds of millions of new investors for the first time in 8 decades.   

Buy The Block 

Serial Entrepreneur Linda P. Smith founded Buy the Block in a tool shed in Cincinnati in 2013. The company allowed her to couple her two passions, real estate investing and teaching others the art and science of real estate investment into a seamless online crowdfunding experience for the Black community. Buy the Block has solved two of the major issues of the Black community: access to capital for Black owned businesses and a pathway to inclusive investing for non-accredited investors for the purpose of building generational wealth. 

The first is access to capital for businesses and real estate development and the second is an investment platform with a low barrier to entry to facilitate the building of community equity and Black wealth at the same time. Buy The Block now serves investors and developers all over the US, and is thrilled to be a part of the global investment crowdfunding and alternative finance industry. By bringing investors together with entrepreneurs, investment crowdfunding is not just building stronger communities; but are building wealthier communities and wealth is the only real independence.

The Commercial Real Estate Development Industry

Buy the Block’s latest foray into the commercial real estate industry, an industry that lacks diversity is now within reach of the average working American. According to a report from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, a national organization founded almost 50 years ago and that has more than 18,000 members, used Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data and found that more than three-quarters of senior commercial real estate executive positions nationwide were held by white men. Hispanic, Asian, black and women — hold less than 1 percent of the commercial real estate senior executive jobs nationwide. 

 Join The Movement

Buy The Block can manage any project from concept to end, and they aim to develop a large number of construction projects, in areas such as; residential, manufacturing, retail, multi-family, medical, religious, and pre-engineered building construction. With the focus on the Black communities in America, Buy The Block is on track to raise millions of dollars in funding for development projects in these communities. Having the capacity to take on more significant projects and contracts, They will soon change the face of real estate investing in the country. Join the movement by investing with your peers on the Buy The Block real estate crowdfunding platform that is breaking ground and barriers in the residential and commercial real estate industry. Visit and make your first investment today with your peers and Buy the Block.