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Long story short

In 1996 in realized I wanted to be an entreprenuer and that my financial independence depended on it.

Shortly after graduating from college as a student athlete and having a short-lived pro football career in the CFL, I went back to my hometown that raised me, Mobile, Al. That’s were I began my aspirations as an entreprenuer and inventor. I also wanted to change my community and the world by bringing people closer together in some way and I still do. Early on I began facing the same struggles other business owners were already faced with and soon found out that desire alone wouldn’t be enough. I soon realized that most important thing anyone needs at the end of the day, is MONEY. Lack of funding is the number one reason small businesses fail.

I figured, why not learn about money and other ways to fund my ideas. So, I became a licensed financial professional helping investors achieve wealth and was pretty good at it. Little did I know that it would open my mind to what made investors tick. Prior to this I would present my ideas to investors and they were interested, but the majority wouldn’t commit to my ideas. The first thing I learned was that Investors didn’t invest in business plans and the second was that your network is your networth, is your credit worthiness. This simply means that investors don’t invest in projects or ideas, they invest in people. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find services that catered to my personal disposition, while peeking investor interest.

I now knew what I had to do. Take this invaluable knowledge and years of research to mainstreet America and make others aware of the steps and obstacles to raising capital. This is information that any entreprenuer or philanthropist must know for the future of their projects or ideas. That’s how ProjectCrowd got started, out of need to fix my own funding problems. It was important to create a company that provide you with a full service approach to raising capital, no matter the amount. That the teachings are practical and learning is easy. The focus would be to help you build an audience (community)  of followers that would support you along the way.

The secret sauce to being successful at raising capital online, you must be successful at raising capital you must raise at least 30% of it from people who know, trust and respect you. You must turn your crowd into community. You must have more than a business plan for investors. From there you have the momentum to raise capital from anyone. That’s our focus, turning crowds into community.  

Roderick Reed

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