Social media is a vital component to developing an excited and engaged crowd for your crowdfunding campaign. It must be well thought out so you are aware of who to target, where to find this target audience, how to engage them, and what type of content to create to engage them. This is where I suggest using the Inbound Marketing strategy to build your strategy that attracts backers to your campaign. This is not an easy task and here are some thoughts on the topic from ProjectCrowd. 

Creating The Social Media Strategy

When it comes to using social media to market your brand, especially for a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to keep in mind that every post should have a purpose. To determine what that purpose is, a social media strategy should be created and implemented for crowdfunding campaign success. Answer the questions what is it that you ultimately want the lead to do for our campaign and how can your excite and engage that person.

1) Determine your ideal follower — You know your target audience(s). When it comes to social media, your target audience members are your model followers. Make a list of every buyer persona for your business and base your strategy on reaching them with specific and targeted content in multiple forms and through a multi-channel approach.

2) Pinpoint where they’re active — Chances are that your prospects are scattered between every single social platform out there, but it’s important to be realistic about the social platforms that they use most often. Do some demographic research on where they’re active and then build your social strategy on a program for those particular platforms.

3) Set your goals — what do you want your business to get out of social media? With a crowdfunding campaign you are pushing a 3 – 6 month campaign. The broader your goals the more time you’ll have to spend reaching those goal. Make sure that your goals are SMART.

4) Put a benchmark system in place — how will you measure your social media program progress?  I recommend setting up monthly goals to gauge your efforts and to see what’s working and what’s not. Then, you can tweak your strategy based on success. The beauty of social media marketing is that every metric is measurable. So always measure, adjust and continue to measure until you find the optimal strategy and tactic.

5) Set an overview of your tactical plan— Make a realistic estimation of how much effort you’ll be able to dedicate to your social media.  No matter how frequent or scarce your active time on social media is, be sure to keep your efforts consistent. You must consider time for making new connections and engaging with your audience.

6) Create a detailed list of content topics — Take time in the beginning to think long and hard about what types of content you’d like to share on social media during your crowdfunding campaign, You’ll want to include a mix of different content, but be sure that every type of content stays relevant and helpful to your target audience.

7) Create a list of resources — you have an idea of the types of content are best to engage your audience, make a list of resources of where you’ll potentially find this helpful information. You’ll want to share content from both your website and reputable resources to position yourself as an industry expert and someone that provides valuable information to your followers.

8) Keep the “80/20” rule in mind before creating your content schedule — only 20% of your content should be specifically about your brand. Your followers are using social media to be social, not to be subjected to your sales pitch. This is why it’s important to compile a list of potential web resources of where you’ll find valuable content to share with your followers. Then, when creating your social content schedule, you can quickly access these resources to pull useful content from.


Once your strategy is all set, it’s time to put it in action! Just remember, when running a social media for your crowdfunding campaign, every post should have a purpose. Having a social media plan in place will best help you meet your goals and measure your performance. Taking the time to create a social media strategy may seem very time consuming, but in the long run it is one of the tools that is going to be most import in the crowd building process. If you want to learn more about how to create a social media plan that works and grab your FREE eBook The Crowdfunding Essentials please visit