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We assist entrepreneurs, inventors, philanthropists, and organizations through crowdfunding education.

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Learn the 4 methods of crowdfunding and the 4 fund-a-mental of how to promote a successful crowdfund campaign. 

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 We also provide a directory of crowdfunding knowledge and information designed to help grow your campaign.along the way.

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1 on 1 and group coaching and consulting services are available for project creators. Therefore, giving you a team player ready to champion your campaign efforts.

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  • Are you aware of the various crowdfund methods?
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  • Want to know the time involved to succeed?
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The 4 Methods Of Crowdfunding!

An educational platform designed to simplify the learning process for project creators.


Donation-based crowdfunding is a great way to source money for a project. Contributors give small amounts in exchange for tokens for their contribution.


Rewards-based, or seed crowdfunding is the best method for launching product ideas. You can pre-sale products to individuals in return for a product, service or both. 


Debt-based lending represents an opportunity for small business owners seeking funding outside traditional lending institutions, such as banks and credit unions. 


Equity crowdfunding is unlike other types of financing because it has no debt component. Instead of a loan, you offer shares of your company to investors.

The 4 fund-a-mentals!

Harness the power of the internet and build your crowdfunding campaign, by applying these fundamentals with your natural market and social networks. 


Prior to launching your campaign, you first need to get a diagnosis of where you are currently. Our “CrowdFund Checklist” will put you on track to building a solid game plan.


Having a marketing plan is important, especially when it comes to raising capital. Having a solid strategy from branding to customer engagement will have a serious impact on your funding.


Launching a crowdfunding campaign may be exciting, but hectic. Use our crowdfund checklist to get through the hectic months ahead. It’s designed to help you stay organized at each stage.


You’ve launched your amazing project and successfully gathered an interested crowd. Now what? Now is the time to get them emotionally invested in your brand.

Coaching and Consulting

Raising capital through crowdfunding will be one of the toughest things you’ll do. The success or failure of your campaign is ALL ON YOU! It will be a reflection on your ability to grow your project or idea. Whether fair or not, it’s just the way it is. Either way, success or failure will be a lot of work. So choose to be successful early on in the process by applying the steps that are proven to work.

 Preparation Is Everything

Virtual Incubator/ Accelerator

ProjectCrowd is also an online incubator for anyone seeking to raise funds via crowdfunding. With your membership, you will have your own account profile with all the necessary resources needed to prepare for your crowdfund campaign. You can upload your videos, presentation and any other content important to your campaign. In addition, we’ll provide you with your own community board to help build momentum with your network prior to launch.

Account Profile

When you become a member of ProjectCrowd you’ll receive your own account profile with password protection. You’ll be able to upload your videos, presentations and other content as you build your crowdfund campaign.

Tools and Resources

You’ll have all the necessary information specific to the funding you seek. We’ll provide ongoing information to keep you up to date on some of the changes that might impact your particular crowdfund raise.

Funding Documents

Regardless of the type of crowdfunding you use, there are always funding requirements, especially when it comes to equity crowdfunding. Your account comes with the required paperwork necessary for the crowdfunding method you choose.

Community Board

There isn’t a better time to cultivate your personal network than during the incubation process. Your community board is a tremendous tool in building the momentum needed for a successful crowdfund campaign.

Get online training and one-on-one coaching!

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Our 1 on 1, and Group Coaching & Consulting provides project creators with a customized solution. As a result, giving you the most cost-efficient way to dramatically improve your chances of crowdfunding success.

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